Spa Vintage Service Policy

1. Compliance with Massage Establishment Act

Our company complies with the massage establishment act and rules requirement as mandated by the Singapore Police Force.

2. Sales of Goods Act and General Definitions conformance to Sales of Goods Act S14 (2), Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act and Lemon Law.

We ensure that the services we provide are of satisfactory quality as defined in the Sales of Goods Act S14 (2), Consumer Protection (Fair trading) Act and lemon Law, where applicable.

3. Services and Product Warranty:

  • Spa Vintage ensures all treatments are offered in a high quality standard that meets your needs.
  • Spa Vintage treatments are clearly stated with description and pricing made available at the front desk upon your arrival.
  • For any upgrade of any services or add on, prices will apply as per the price list.
  • Spa Vintage honor and accepts prices quoted at the time of booking is offered upon arrival of guest.
  • Spa Vintage uses only natural ingredients pure essential oils with optimum grades and natural Vegetable carrier oils for the practice of spa treatments.
  • We offer relaxing and stress-free treatments because we practice a 'No Selling' policy once you enter the treatment room.
  • We stop any treatment immediately if guest complaint of acute pain, breathlessness or uneasiness during treatment.

4. Refund and Exchange:

  • For Spa Vintage treatment services, if evidence is found that “Spa Vintage” had not met the standards such as not completing the entire massage treatment within the stipulated time frame, Spa Vintage will not charge for that particular treatment or services. For Spa Vintage gift vouchers purchased no refund can be made as per terms and conditions stated in the gift voucher. For Spa Vintage product refund or exchange, Spa Vintage will only accept unopened items in their original packaging. No refund or exchange will be provided after 5 days of purchase or if the product has been opened, used or tampered with. Product exchanges will be for items of equal or lower value.
  • For all refund or exchanges, in order to refund, the original receipt is required for verification purposes. There is no refund for purchased or complimentary spa gift certificates. There is also no refund for ala carte spa services which customer is liable for payment upon commencement. Spa services refund will be made only if there is justifiable fault of the spa, than Spa Vintage will not charge for that particular service.

5. Definition of a Spa Package

A Spa package is a series of spa sessions offered by the company over a 3 year period validity. All expired packages will be invalid once expired.

6. Redemption of Gift Certificate

  • The company does sell Gift Certificate and the terms and conditions are found on the reverse of the Gift Certificate.
  • Gift Certificate cannot be split to be used on different occasion or by any other person.
  • All Couple Spa Gift Certificate must be redeemed as per treatment stated in the voucher; spa treatment cannot be split or used separately.
  • There will be no refund of the difference if the spa treatment is of lower value.
  • Gift Certificate will be accepted by advance booking of appointment only. Must be redeem before expiry date.

7. Payment Mode

We accept only cash payment in SINGAPORE DOLLARS. All payments made are furnished with an official receipt clearly stipulating services rendered. For packages purchased, all details are clearly stipulated in the package book and duly signed by both the Guest and Spa Consultant.

8. Confidentiality and Privacy

  • We keep all our Customers details private and confidential. We do not engage separate outbound companies to manage our database, neither do we furnish to any tele -marketing companies our customer details. It is solely under Spa Vintage ownership of database.
  • We have strict policy and practice of ensuring that there are no video recording and/or any other form of image capturing devices in the treatment rooms. Our customers are informed that our services are offered to both sexes and we provide separate facilities for men and woman.

9. Customer Feedback Policies

  • We welcome your feedback and should you have any issue of concern, kindly contact us immediately. Our feedback channels include: o Telephone: 64689731 o Written feedback via email:
  • We will investigate and act to resolve within 5 working days. Depending on the complexity of the case, our time taken to resolve the complaint is within 21 working days. If we are unable to resolve the complaint, we will with your mutual consent refer to CASE mediation or any other external mediation channels.

10. Spa Etiquette

  • We at Spa Vintage respect your valuable time by doing our very best to make sure that all of your services begin on schedule. In order to do this, each service is booked in advance. We understand that unexpected things do happen and appreciate if you could contact to inform us.
  • Please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before your schedule appointment time. This is very important because when you are late, you affect the immediate customer after your appointment by having their appointment delayed or having your own service time shortened (Nobody appreciates having to come early and have to wait just because of the earlier customer).
  • In the event you are late, we will try our best to accommodate to your time, but in most cases, we will have to reduce your treatment time. (Compensation of the leftover time is subjected on case by case basis by the management. No guarantees are hereby implied.
  • For package customers, any cancellation short of 4 hours notice, there will be one first warning given; thereafter there will be forfeiture of sessions for all subsequent occasions.
  • For first time customers, last minute cancellation without 4 hours advance notice, 50% cancellation fee will apply.
  • No shows with any notice will incur full charges, 100% of treatment value.
  • All prices quoted are in Singapore dollars and subjected to change without prior notice.
  • Please do not bring valuables into our premises, even though we have lockers available, the Management will not be liable for any losses.
  • Please turn all mobile phones to silent mode and/or switch off until you have left Spa Vintage, this is to allow everyone to enjoy the tranquil surrounding.

This page was last updated on 26th July, 2017.